Garment Care

For all garments that you choose to wash using laundry machines, we recommend always washing inside out, and that you use cold temperature wash/rinse settings. If tumble drying, always use low heat and remove promptly from dryer.

For garments with a textured/thick print, we recommend washing in small loads, over-packing the washer and dryer may affect the texture or cause creasing. 

For garments with a metallic/holographic print, we recommend washing in small loads as well as  hanging to dry in order to avoid creasing or scratching the print. If you must tumble dry, it’s recommended that you use a low heat/delicate setting, and place the garment in the dry with as few articles as possible.

Jewlery Care

We recommend regularly cleaning all jewlery made from precious metals as needed to remove natural oxidation/tarnishing by using a liquid cleaner and/or a polishing cloth specifically made for jewlery in order to keep your pieces looking their best.

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